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Lomography Simple Use Film Camera


Into our heart which is looking for memories


Moment is eternal. I think there is no present but only past and future. Camera makes us touch, remember, laugh, cry and pleasant, which realizes we have the emotion. That is one of the impressiveness camera has given us.

It is nothing more than a disposable camera which is small, light and has a flash. But it shows stunning performance. At the same time, it tells us why film cameras haven’t disappeared yet. You are the real one of the kind! With it, pictures turn into art.



lomography 35mm film color negative 400



A little high sensitive to light (ISO400) makes it hard to take finer shots, but keeping the disposableness in mind it doesn’t matter because the high sensitiveness has great advantages. The easier to look back the past, the more memorable the memories. Thought all the shots above are taken at may this year by myself but looked like my father’s pics before he met my mom. This gadget is the time machine.

The testing place was an energetic and dynamic flea market. All generations and skin colors were mixed in the place. Every moment of there gladly had made poses for me. Each one of shots I had taken makes me feel being there again even I am at my desk writing this review. High class cameras couldn’t do that. All my body felt the moments but didn’t feel any pressure to be a good tester or to take looking-good shots. Moreover, the outputs are perfect.



Rollei B&W RPX 100



Time doesn’t stop but camera makes it stop. That is the best attraction. photographers would take a shot but if any pressure, no matter what kinds, he or she couldn’t enjoy the attraction. Expensiveness of films is a disadvantage. Definitely I say it has the values. The warmness, meditation it gives, connection to the past don’t come from digital cameras. Let’s make our present the memorable past, step by step on a street, moment by moment in our warm heart. Let’s get out of the dreary office life.



The camera was reloaded once.


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